September 25, 2023

PHILADELPHIA, Penn — The mayor of Philadelphia has called for the families of the victims of a mass shooting over the Independence Day holiday to sue gun dealers, and gun shows out of business.

The city of Philadelphia has been plagued with violence under the leadership of Mayor Jim Kenney since he took office. The city has attempted to restrict the Second Amendment rights of its residents, leaving them defenseless against criminals and gangs that infest the City of Brotherly Love.

Over the long holiday weekend, a crazed madman disregarded the city’s laws and shot and killed five people, including a fifteen-year-old boy. Instead of addressing the violence that infests the nation’s birthplace, the mayor has targeted the gun industry by pushing the victim’s families to file lawsuits against gun shops and shows, claiming that these businesses should not have sold guns to the shooter.

The mayor didn’t say what “red flags” the murderer exhibited. Maybe Mayor Kenney was concerned that the shooter was a cross-dresser. There has been an uptick in members of the trans community carrying out attacks across the nation, or perhaps he is concerned that the attacker supported Black Lives Matter (BLM). During the summer of the BLM protest, many cities burned, and several people were killed.

If the mayor is referencing the trans attacks or the BLM riots, he will never publicly admit it or blame those communities. What other signs could the gun shops pick up on? Is the mayor stating that gun shows should bar members of the LGBTQI+ from entering the complexes?

Also, we must remind the mayor that correlation doesn’t equal causation. The trans community and BLM should not be blamed for the actions of an unstable individual. The gun also shouldn’t be blamed. A firearm is a tool that can be used for good or evil, and more often, a gun is used in self-defense rather than a crime.

Mayor Kenney’s solution to the ongoing violence in the city is to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves from the thugs that do not follow the laws in the first place. Instead of enacting real solutions to the epidemic of crime in Philadelphia, the mayor is using guns as a scapegoat. What he is doing is covering up for his failed leftist policies that have not only failed in his city but have failed in Democrat-run cities across the country.

The Keystone Victory Fund, a super PAC focused on protecting gun rights in Pennsylvania, also took note of the mayor’s attack on lawful businesses. AmmoLand News spoke to the PAC’s Chair, Col. (Dr.) Val Finnell, USAF, Ret., about Kenney’s comments.

“Mayor Jim Kenney is once again showing his hostility to the Second Amendment by attacking legitimate businesses rather than holding the mass murderer responsible for his actions,” Dr. Finnell told AmmoLand. “Apparently, Jim Kenney doesn’t want law-abiding Philadelphians to be able to purchase firearms locally to defend themselves. Remember, this is the mayor who tried banning guns in city parks, making honest citizens targets for criminals.”

As long as Jim Kenney is in office, the city of Philadelphia will not get safer, and the city will continue to try to infringe on the gun rights of its residents.

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John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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