September 25, 2023
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U.S.A. — A neighborhood with tree-lined streets seemed safe enough in the middle of a Sunday morning. That’s when an irate neighbor attacked his victim with a set of garden shears. The victim retreated until he had to save his life. Neighbors called the police when they heard gunshots.

We think we are a good neighbor as we clean up our yard. With summer sun and rain, sometimes the grass is getting taller by the minute. This homeowner was mowing his yard at about 10 in the morning. That isn’t at all unusual in a residential area of Tulsa, Oklahoma, with rows of houses in a long-established neighborhood.

A man approached the homeowner and shouted at him. The homeowner didn’t know the man or why he was upset. The stranger was aggressive, and the homeowner asked him to leave. The homeowner retreated back into his garage as the angry intruder pursued him. The homeowner again asked the stranger to leave him alone and to leave his property. The stranger attacked the homeowner in the homeowner’s garage with a set of garden shears. The homeowner was cut.

The news story says the homeowner retrieved his gun. It isn’t clear from the news reports if the homeowner was carrying his firearm concealed or if his firearm was stored in the garage. After looking at several news articles, it isn’t even clear what type of firearm the homeowner retrieved. What is clear is that the attacker turned and ran out of the garage and back toward the street, at least for a few seconds after the homeowner presented his firearm.

Most self-defense stories end there. Usually, the attacker decides he doesn’t want to get shot by the armed defender. Unfortunately, this unusual story didn’t end there.

The attacker ran back into the garage and charged the armed homeowner. The homeowner shot his attacker. The attacker turned, but this time the attacker ran into the homeowner’s backyard. The homeowner stopped shooting when the attacker stopped attacking. The news stories don’t give us all the information we want, but they don’t mention the homeowner following the retreating attacker into the backyard. The homeowner called 911 and asked for help.

The homeowner put his firearm away when the police arrived. He gave the officers a brief statement. Emergency Medical Services arrived and began treatment of the injured attacker. EMS declared the attacker dead at the scene. Police continued to question the armed defender. It isn’t clear if EMS also treated the homeowner’s injuries.

Police asked neighbors what they heard and what they saw. They checked the neighborhood for video cameras that may have captured the attack.

The homeowner was not charged with a crime. The attacker was later identified as living in the area.

That is something to consider the next time you’re cutting the grass.

This story is one of many that go under-reported by the mainstream media because it shows a positive image of a law-abiding gun owner defending their life and their family. It is our responsibility at AmmoLand to report these stories to you. While we will continue to report these stories, groups like the Crime Prevention Research Center, led by Dr. John Lott, are fastidious in studying the use of firearms for self-defense. Stay up to date with all news on self-defense by following CPRC and AmmoLand News.

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