December 4, 2023

Glock’s motto might be ‘perfection’, but the new Glock Performance Trigger somehow manages to make the gun, ‘more perfect’.

But how? You might ask. Indeed, Glock’s series of semi-automatic pistols have made a name for themselves with their nearly unstoppable reliability and incredible durability. So how can Glock improve upon the design?

In a word, “trigger.”

Because for all its greatness, the Glock trigger aftermarket is a massive one that shows no signs of slowing down. That being the case, can Glock really compete against companies that have been perfecting ‘perfection’ for years? Let’s take a closer look at the Glock Performance Trigger and find out.

The Glock 47 makes an excellent host for the new Glock Performance Trigger. IMG Jim Grant

Glock Performance Trigger

at first glance, the Glock Performance Trigger doesn’t look a whole lot different from the stock one. But the minor details in it really make a huge difference. But let’s stop for a second and look at why people upgrade Glock triggers in the first place.

Glock Performance Trigger Blister Pack
The new Glock trigger ships in a simple blister pack. IMG Jim Grant

Despite all the great aspects of Gaston Glock’s magnum opus, the trigger can leave something to be desired. Not because it doesn’t work or it’s bad, but simply the design’s safety trigger and polymer components can leave the break feeling a little spongy. And when accuracy counts, a trigger that doesn’t cleanly break or break when expected can make accurate shots difficult.

Some aftermarket trigger-makers address this by simply reducing the weight of the trigger’s pull, but that doesn’t really address the core problem. Plus, it can make the gun unsafe – especially if it’s being used as a home defense or concealed carry gun.

Glock 47 Action
The Glock 47 – like a 17, but different. IMG Jim Grant

Glock’s Answer

Glock’s response was to create a new trigger that keeps the standard pull weight intact – making the trigger appropriate for law enforcement officers and military personnel – while smoothing out a few quirks. For example, the new trigger’s reset is much more positive than the original and noticeably shorter. This vastly reduces the chance of a shooter pulling the trigger a second time without the trigger resetting properly.

Additionally, the break itself is vastly better than the factory model’s. Sure, the trigger doesn’t break like a high-end $5,000 1911, but it does so cleanly and consistently. So shooters have only themselves to blame for missed shots.

Glock 47 Unchained
Unleash your Glock’s potential with the new Glock Performance Trigger. IMG Jim Grant

Most important of all, the new trigger doesn’t affect the gun’s world-renown reliability, meaning shooters can have their proverbial cake and eat it too.

So what’s the catch? Is the new trigger prohibitively expensive?

Not at all. The new Glock Performance Trigger retails for around $100 – making it cheaper than many of its aftermarket competitors, while still remaining affordable enough for the average shooter.

Truthfully, the only ‘downside’ to the trigger – if you could call it that – is that a licensed Glock armorer must install it. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of these individuals across the country. (and in other countries!)

Glock Performance Trigger gunsmith
Be sure to have the Glock Performance Trigger installed by a Glock-certified armorer. IMG Jim Grant

Glock Performance Trigger Verdict

Is the new Performance Trigger from Glock worth a buy?

In my professional opinion, absolutely. If a shooter it looking to increase the shootability of their Glock pistol, no other upgrade is as effective for the price. Yes, you could pay a custom smith a thousand dollars to turn your gun into a race pistol, but it would compromise the gun’s warranty and make it unsuitable for self-defense or home defense. Especially in the era of unscrupulous prosecutors looking for any angle to nail a defensive shooter to the wall. If you want to keep your gun factory and still feel like a custom handgun, the new Performance Trigger from Glock is a must.

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