September 25, 2023

Come to GOA Day at Safe Side Tactical

Attend GOA Day at Safe Side Tactical at 1201 Shenandoah Ave NW, Roanoke, VA 24017 on June 24th from 10 am – 6 pm.  

Dear friend,

Would you want to win a free AR-15 lower receiver?

Then attend GOA Day at Safe Side Tactical in Roanoke this Saturday, June 24th from 10 am – 6 pm as Safe Side Tactical will be giving away a lower receiver.

But the fun does not stop there. You’ll also be able to collect swag bags and other giveaway items.

More importantly, you’ll learn how to get involved in defending your Second Amendment rights with GOA staff.

And when you join or renew your membership with GOA, you’ll receive one hour of free range time from Safe Side Tactical.

See you on the range!

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America

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