September 25, 2023
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Last week, Broomfield City Council postponed the remaining anti-gun ordinances, which included imposing an unnecessary 10-day waiting period. This is a huge win for NRA members and Second Amendment supporters.  NRA thanks everyone who contacted the City Council Members defending our Second Amendment rights. We have achieved a significant victory in the fight against two deeply flawed ordinances in Broomfield:  Ord. 2189 and 2192.

Ordinance 2192 attempted to impose an unnecessary waiting period of ten days on law-abiding citizens, needlessly delaying their ability to acquire firearms. Furthermore, it imposed burdensome requirements for proof of training or experience, infringing upon the rights of responsible gun owners. Your unified stance against this overreach has forced the Broomfield City Council to recognize the flaws in this ordinance and postpone its implementation.

Ordinance 2189 was a clear act of discrimination, unfairly preventing responsible adults aged 18-20 from exercising their fundamental right to bear arms. We firmly believe that every law-abiding citizen, regardless of age, deserves the same rights and protections guaranteed by the Constitution. Unfortunately, this age discrimination is already the law statewide.

We must remain vigilant, however, as Broomfield City has already passed several anti-Second Amendment ordinances, taking advantage of the repeal of firearm preemption laws by the Colorado Legislature. These local laws not only encroach upon our constitutional rights but also create confusion and an inconsistent patchwork of regulations that can further erode our Second Amendment freedoms.

Let us remain united and resolute in our mission to protect and uphold the rights bestowed upon us by our Founding Fathers.

About NRA-ILA:

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