September 25, 2023
American Flag in Distress
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HARTFORD, CT — Firearms Policy Coalition issued the following statement regarding Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s signing of House Bill 6667, (embedded below) a measure that seeks to abrogate the fundamental rights of peaceable People to acquire, possess and bear protected arms:

In a twist of bitter irony, HB 6667 attacks the core fundamental and Constitutional rights of the peaceable People of Connecticut and those who visit the “Constitution State.”

The measure seeks to create criminal liability for the mere exercise of a fundamental right, doubling down on a slate of immoral and dangerous laws running the gamut from keeping, bearing, acquiring, building, and possessing protected arms.

Governor Lamont and his legislative co-conspirators need to be reminded that the fundamental right to keep and bear arms fall outside the purview of their offices. They are simply not in a position to so casually dispose of those rights that are naturally intrinsic to the People.

Governor Lamont’s embrace of state violence to disarm and disadvantage peaceable People–throwing them in government cages and ruining their lives at best–reveals the naked depravity and conceit of the state in its efforts to promote its immoral policy preferences.

To the peaceable People of Connecticut–you are not alone. We see you. The nation sees you. All peaceable People across our nation seeking to be free from the violence of the state in its efforts to disarm and victimize you are engaged together in this fight for freedom.

And to all of those who supported and passed this immoral legislation, we say simply this: “Fuck you. No.”

Connecticut House Bill 6667 – Act Addressing Gun Violence 2023

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