March 2, 2024

When I first saw Glock’s announcement of its new Glock 47 handgun, I was totally confused. I initially thought it was a variant of the long-slide Glock 17L or Glock 34, but after handling one at SHOT Show, I realized it was the same size as the 9mm Glock 17. In fact, it was nearly identical to the full-sized Glock 17.

The only aspects of the gun that gave away that it wasn’t just a Glock 17 were the shorter dust cover and the extended portion of the slide covering the recoil spring. So what’s the point? Why would Glock make something like the Glock 47?

Glock 47 Action
The Glock 47 – like a 17, but different. IMG Jim Grant

Glock 47 9mm Handgun

Buy Now Gun DealsThe Glock 47 MOS is a locked-breech, semi-automatic handgun chambered in 9mm parabellum. It feeds from standard 9mm Glock 17 magazines and includes three in the box. The gun’s frame is made of steel-reinforced polymer, and the slide is made of steel – like all modern Glocks.

And just like all modern Glock pistols, the 47 runs like a scalded dog; I never encountered a single malfunction in over 600 rounds fired without cleaning. And truth be told, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the handguns. The memes and legends are true – Glocks just work!

Glock 47 Streamlight
The new Glock 47 is a great choice for home defense or as a duty sidearm. IMG Jim Grant

But there are dozens of Glock models on the market today; why would a shooter choose the Glock 47 over, say, a model 19 or a 17, for that matter? There’s a little nuance to it, but first, we should look into how and why the Glock 47 was developed.

Glock 47 Pistol Back Story

Full disclosure, some of this is supposition and hearsay, but it all makes too much sense not to be true. The Glock 47 is the weapon of choice for customs and Border Patrol agents in the United States. Both of these agencies have issued the Glock 17 and 19 in the past – and for a good reason. Both of these handguns are renowned for their shootability and reliability.  They’re easy to shoot and relentlessly reliable. But there is one problem with running both of these handguns simultaneously: logistics.

Glock 47 dust cover
Notice how the slide protrudes past the dustcover. IMG Jim Grant

From an armorer’s perspective, the fact that the frames, slides, and recoil springs aren’t interchangeable is a nightmare. This isn’t such a big deal with a small police agency, but when dealing with the Federal government, logistics can make or break a program.

Glock 47 Grip
The 47’s grip features interchangeable backstraps and geometric patterning for better grip. IMG Jim Grant

That’s where the Glock 47 comes into play. If you look closely, the 47 uses the same-length frame as a Glock 19. So shooters can swap out slide assemblies between the two guns at will. What this means for logistics is that they can issue a single frame type to everyone and replace slides etc., as necessary.

G47 Features & Performance

As a fifth-generation Glock, the 47 features vertical slide serrations at both the front and rear of the slide. The slide also features a MOS cut for mounting an optic like my Holosun HE507c X2 ACSS or a Trijicon RMR.

Glock 47 Holosun
When paired with a reflex sight like this Holosun, the Glock 47 makes for a great defensive tool. IMG Jim Grant

Beneath this, the pistol features the iconic Glock safety trigger as well as a railed dust cover for mounting lights or lasers. The frame uses a geometric patterning for added grip, and the trigger guard has a slight undercut to recoil by effectively lowering the bore axis.

In terms of accuracy and reliability, the Glock 47 MOS Handgun is precisely what you would expect: flawless. I never had any issues hitting eight-inch steel targets out to 50 yards.

So why should you buy a Glock 47? Essentially if you are torn between a 19 and a 17 and primarily want a home defense pistol. One that, if you choose later to use for concealed carry, can be converted into a 19x later if need be. That or you just want something off the beaten path that delivers all the awesome reliability of a GLOCK.

Glock 47 Recoil
Just like the model 17, the Glock 47 has very soft felt recoil. IMG Jim Grant
Glock holosun
The Glock 47 features an adaptor plate for running an RMR or a Holosun HS507c. IMG Jim Grant

Glock 47 MOS Handgun Specifications:

  • Model Name GLOCK G47 MOS
  • Brand GLOCK
  • Model Number PA475203MOS
  • UPC 764503053597
  • Action Semi-Automatic
  • Barrel Length 4.49″
  • Hand Right
  • Round Capacity 17+1
  • Gun Weight 24.87
  • Caliber 9mm Lugar
  • Finish/Color Black nDLC
  • Action Pistol
  • Grips Textured
  • Sights Glock Fixed Sights
  • Weight 25.9oz
  • Cartridge 9mm Luger
  • Color Black
  • Frame Size Fullsize
  • Optics Ready Yes
  • Overall Length 7.95in
  • Type Centerfire
  • MAP $630.00 (check $$$ online)

GLOCK 47 MOS Owner’s Manual

GLOCK MOS Adapter Plate Instructions

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