June 11, 2023
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Armed Store Clerk Stops Armed Robber in Georgia, iStock-1334890768

U.S.A. — Crime happens everywhere and at any time. It was about four o’clock in the morning when a store clerk stopped an armed robber who’d been running from the police. This is what happened that morning in Kingsland, Georgia.

The clerk was working at a gas station/convenience store. It was still dark when a customer ran inside and told the clerk to hand over his car keys. The clerk’s car was the only car in front of the store at that hour. Also, the robber had a gun in his hands. The clerk handed over his keys rather than get in a gunfight with someone who already had his gun out. The attacker ran out of the store and jumped into the clerk’s car.

The clerk followed the attacker to lock the door. Unexpectedly, the attacker then drove his stolen car into the front of the building and damaged the front doors. As the attacker got out of the clerk’s car, the clerk drew his firearm and shot the attacker eight times.

The news reports are not clear if the store clerk was inside the building or outside the store when he fired. The robber turned away and dropped his firearm and the armed defender stopped shooting.

Police were in the area, and they heard the defender’s gunshots before he could call 911. Officers arrived in minutes, and the defender put his gun away. Again, we don’t know if he was carrying on-body or if he had a gun that was stored behind the counter.

The police disarmed the wounded robber. Emergency medical services took him to the hospital. The store clerk gave a brief statement to the police.

The police later said that the wounded attacker had robbed a store in Florida and then led officers on a chase through five counties and two states. The robber was shooting at the police as he drove down the highway during the night. The robber did not hit the patrol cars, but he did hit another driver’s car with his gunfire.

The clerk was not charged with a crime. In fact, the local sheriff said the clerk did a good job.

This story is one of many that go under-reported by the mainstream media because it shows a positive image of a law-abiding gun owner defending their life and their family. It is our responsibility at AmmoLand to report these stories to you. While we will continue to report these stories, groups like the Crime Prevention Research Center, led by Dr. John Lott, are fastidious in studying the use of firearms for self-defense. Stay up to date with all news on self-defense by following CPRC and Ammoland.

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