March 1, 2024

Philadelphia, PA – An armed and prepared 25-year-old man in Philadelphia turned the tables on a dangerous would-be robber, killing him in self-defense. The incident occurred on April 25th, 2023, around 7 p.m. near the intersection of 15th Street and 70th Avenue in the West Oak Lane neighborhood.

According to the police, the concealed carry holder was walking when the other man approached him and demanded his valuables at gunpoint. The victim, who has a Pennsylvania permit to carry a firearm, then drew his own weapon and fired at least ten shots at the would-be robber, who was hit three times in the torso. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, and his identity has not been released.

The victim remained at the scene and cooperated with the investigation. He told the police that he saw a woman inside a car with the would-be robber prior to the shooting, and the woman drove off in the car during the incident. The vehicle was later found by responding police officers a few blocks away from the shooting, unattended and riddled with bullets. The police are now searching for the woman who was inside the car and is looking for additional surveillance video.

The incident left residents in the ordinarily quiet neighborhood shaken. A nearby resident said she was sleeping for work when she heard gunshots and thought they were coming through her apartment. Another resident said the area is usually safe.

This positive outcome for armed citizens is one of several recent cases where law-abiding citizens have used firearms to defend themselves against violent criminals. In some big East Coast cities, there is a growing need for law-abiding citizens to have increased ways to carry firearms for self-defense of selves, family, or loved ones.

Contributing to this are Democrat’s controversial bail reform efforts that have been putting criminals back on the street. Some argue the obvious point out that it has led to the quick release of criminals without proper consequences, allowing them to continue committing crimes. This has led to increased incidents where law-abiding citizens are forced to defend themselves against these individuals. As a result, more people feel that they have no choice but to carry guns for self-defense, which escalates the danger for those looking to break the law and save innocent lives. The balance between protecting individual rights and ensuring public safety remains a delicate one, and many are calling for a reevaluation of bail reform policies to address these issues.

This good guy with a gun incident in West Oak Lane, PA, serves as a reminder of the importance of self-defense and the need for responsible firearms owners to be prepared to use deadly force. Incidents like this one highlight the potential benefits of responsible gun ownership in deterring crime and protecting oneself and others from harm.

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