May 28, 2023
If you're in the market for a light-weight, thin profile EDC then you ought to check out the Smith's 4" Folder.
If you’re in the market for a light-weight, thin profile EDC then you ought to check out the Smith’s 4″ Folder.

Ok, I’m a sucker for medium to large-sized low-profile knives. Knives with expensive wood handles are cool. Knives with stag handles are cool. But if I’m carrying a knife for an EDC, I look for something low profile. I don’t want a knife so big that it takes up ¾’s of my pocket. Or so bulky that I can’t even slip my hand into my pocket without cramping it up. So even though I love the look of wood or stag-handled knives they’re just not comfortable to pack around for your EDC.

I generally favor a handle that is about ½” longer than the Smith’s 4” Folder so it fills out my little finger so I have total control of the knife while in use. And day in, day out I favor a 3 ½” blade but 3-inches is actually large enough to fulfill all of the daily tasks that I require of an EDC. But don’t get me wrong, I like the little knife and will end up carrying it frequently.

So if you prefer a thin profiled, medium-sized folder, you ought to check this one out. It should keep you happy. But who should really check it out is women with smaller hands, it would be the perfect fit. Unfortunately, most outdoor gear is designed for men. The industry is slowly coming around but still, to survive manufacturers have to make one size fits all on a lot of items. I think this handle is tailor-made for 90% of the women’s hands. So, if you’re a girl and reading this article and are tired of trying to work with a Goliath-sized knife, Check out the Smith’s 4” Folder.

Smith’s 4” Folder EDC Knife

I have a good buddy in Colorado and she told me that her and all of her co-working girl buddies in the office carried their folders under the collar of their button-down dress shirts. I don’t know why that hit me as funny. I guess I’d just never heard or thought of that before. Why this thought popped up while writing this Product Review is beyond me but I think I’ll pack this knife like that the rest of the week.

To assist in opening it utilizes a thumb stud. On a lot of thumb studs, I am challenged to operate deployment them very quickly but this one operates fine even for me so I assume everyone else will be fine too.

The handle is black and smooth but not exceptionally slick. To aid in your grip it has thumb grooves at the front of the handle and a slight lip for your pointer finger. It has a single-position pocket clip on the right side.

It utilizes a liner lock. I always check liner locks because a lot of them barely spring over enough to lock the blade in place. The Smith 4” Folder’s liner lock goes almost to the center of the blade providing for a solid lock.

The MSRP on the Smith’s 4” Folder is $14.95. As is usual, we will close with the company’s specs:

  • 3″ Drop Point Blade
  • Ambidextrous thumb screw
  • Black handles
  • Point down pocket clip

Smith’s 3″ drop point blade features a rugged satin finish. The razor-sharp blade is made of precision heat treated 400 series stainless steel with an ambidextrous thumb screw for easy opening. Equipped with rugged black powder-coated handles with sturdy liner lock design and point down pocket clip.

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