May 28, 2023

Opinion by F. Paul Valone, “The Anti-Radical

North Carolina –-( This week, formerly Democrat Representative Tricia Cotham got a lesson in Saul Alinsky’s “rules in the methods of means and ends” (above) as well as a couple of his thirteen “Rules for Radicals” for good measure.

“Of Means and Ends” – Saul Alinsky
…the classic question of whether ends justify means is “meaningless”
“…the real and only question regarding the ethics of means and ends is, and always has been, ‘Does this particular end justify this particular means’”
“In war, the end justifies almost any means”
“All life is warfare”

As one of three Democrats who failed to vote when Republicans overrode North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of pro-gun Senate Bill 41 – and already at odds with her caucus – Cotham found herself on the receiving end of leftist threats on social media and elsewhere, ostracized by her own Democrat caucus; and harassed in public places with her child. Even her minor children were targeted by leftist political operatives.

At a press conference, Cotham implored: “What happened to the concept of a big tent party? What happened to these ideas that we’re inclusive, we’re tolerant, we’re so welcoming to everybody? No, you’re not.”

What Tricia Faced

Rep. Cotham had offended the cabal of Democrat leftists so indoctrinated with Alinsky-esque flexible ethics that they will viciously eat their own (metaphorically speaking … I think).

And like so many other Mainstream Americans, Tricia wasn’t prepared.

Why not? Because unlike her tormenters,’ Tricia Cotham’s mainstream American values made it difficult for her to anticipate, especially from Democrat colleagues, the level of duplicity, hypocrisy, indoctrination, viciousness, and despotism the left is willing to use to destroy non-conformists.

But Tricia “gets it” now. That’s why Tricia changed her affiliation to “Republican.”

How The Left Justifies Nearly Any Abuse…

To understand how ostensible comrades immediately devolve into jackal packs, let’s look at Alinsky’s “rules” (above) by applying the transitive law of logic, i.e. that “If A = B and B = C, then A = C.”

It goes like this: If we assume the question of whether ends justify means is “meaningless;” that the only question is “does this particular end justify this particular means;” that “In war, the end justifies almost any means;” and finally that “All life is warfare,” the logical conclusion becomes: “In life, almost any means are justified.” Hence, a leftist feels quite comfortable wielding “almost” any means, at any time, for any desired end, however barbarous those means and ends may be.

Voila, a Democrat goes Republican.

On Wednesday, a somewhat wiser Tricia Cotham stood before a GOP press conference where she eloquently rejected both means and ends of her former party, saying:

“This modern day Democratic Party has become unrecognizable to me and to so many others across this state and this country.”

“The party wants to villainize anyone with free thought…free judgment…” she declared. “If you don’t do exactly what the Democrats want you to do, they will try to bully you; they will try to cast you aside.” Cotham described receiving threats advocating violence via social media and elsewhere, including having to maintain composure while being cursed out in a Target store with her child.

Cotham says the “deal-breaker” in changing parties was getting criticized for using the American flag and praying hands emoji on her social media platforms and vehicles, but I’m putting my money on escape from leftist control freaks: “It became very clear to me early on in January that you better vote in line with everything Gov. Cooper tells you to do,” she said. “All of this sense of control: I will not be controlled by anyone.”

Because her defection gave Republicans a true veto-proof supermajority, leftists, and media (but I repeat myself) wailed and gnashed, with labels like “fascist,” “traitor,” “deceiver,” and “betrayer” used to justify demands that she resign, die, or give back campaign donations.

Cotham’s Nightmare Was Deliberate

What Cotham fled is a deliberate process applied by the left to force conformity and compliance. Leftists are having a similar tantrum in Tennessee as I write this, albeit aimed at Republicans rather than their own.

In Tennessee, how did House Democrats pushing gun control respond when faced with a Republican supermajority? They fomented chaos, of course.

Specifically, three House Democrats joined gun control protesters who invaded the legislative chamber three days after the Nashville shootings. (Note: Does any of this sound familiar?) The legislators even took turns on a bullhorn, obstructing House business in blatant legislative ethics and procedures violations.

Yet Representatives Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson were shocked – shocked I tell you – to discover they were being punished by leadership, and that under chamber rules, expulsion from the House could be the penalty. On the evening news, one sage predictably played the race card: “Two young, black lawmakers … are right now being politically lynched by the white supermajority Republican legislature.” [Emphasis added]

Inevitably, more chaos ensued. Said Rep. Justin Jones (shortly before being expelled by the TN House):

“When I walked up to this well on last Thursday, I was thinking about the thousands of students who were outside demanding that we do something. In fact, many of their signs said ‘do something … That was their only ask of us is to respond to their grief, to respond to a traumatized community. But in response to that, the first action of this body is to expel members for calling for common sense gun legislation.”

Do you see it? That’s the magic trick, folks; the sleight of hand; the deception. What Jones has up his sleeve is Alinsky’s tenth rule of “the methods of means and ends” which says: “You do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments.”

That’s the scam. Beneath those “moral garments” is the guy who created so much chaos that Tennessee legislators were unable to debate policies for which voters elected them. In truth, Jones undermined the will of voters who elected a Republican supermajority.

But when Jones’ bill came due, the issue suddenly became all about you. You are the one who must excuse his deliberate chaos; you are the one who must accept his fallacy that disarming lawful citizens will reduce crime; and you are the one who must “compromise” your freedoms.

And when that “compromise” inevitably fails, whose fault is that?

Yours, of course, because you allowed them to do it.

Find out how to counter these and other leftist tactics.

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Author F. Paul Valone has been kicking leftist tail for twenty-eight years. Alarmed by the U.S. House passage of the “assault weapon” ban in 1994, he decided to take action. Finding no suitable organization, he organized a rally leading to the creation of a 501(c)(4) organization, Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC), which remains North Carolina’s primary and most successful gun rights group to this day.

Paul Valone
Paul Valone

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