September 30, 2023
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Joe Biden renewed his vow to ban “assault weapons and high capacity magazines” during a speech to Democrats Wednesday night in Maryland. IMG whitehouse-gov

Speaking to the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference Wednesday in Baltimore, President Joe Biden once again vowed to ban so-called “assault weapons” as the Democrat audience cheered.

The reaction Biden received only serves to reinforce what the Second Amendment Foundation said recently in the organization’s 2023 advertising effort: “Your Second Amendment rights are under attack like no other time in history.”

Biden had been speaking for 24 minutes before he told the audience, “I know it may make some of you uncomfortable, but that little state above me, Delaware is one of them, has the highest rate, one of the highest rates of gun ownership. But guess what? We’re going to ban assault weapons again come hell or high water and high capacity magazines.”

However, Ammoland checked and discovered Biden’s remarks about Delaware are not true, according to a chart posted online by World Population Review, which lists Biden’s home state near the bottom of the list with 34.4 percent gun ownership. Putting this in perspective, Montana is at the top with 66.3 percent, followed by neighboring Wyoming at 66.2 percent and Alaska at 64.5 percent.

Going down the Top Ten list, Idaho is fourth at 60.1 percent, West Virginia is next with 58.5 percent, Arkansas at 57.2 percent, followed by Mississippi at 55.8 percent, Alabama with 55.5 percent, South Dakota at 55.3 percent and North Dakota 55.1 percent.

While the remark is yet one more example of Biden fibbing about guns, his remark inadvertently recognized how uncomfortable some members of his party are about the rate of gun ownership in the country.

Thanks to the SAF advertising effort, Biden has become infamous for telling a CNN Townhall audience in 2021 that he not only wants to ban semiautomatic rifles—the so-called “assault weapons” against which has crusaded for decades—but also 9mm pistols, the most popular personal protection handgun in the country. The film clip of Biden actually saying so is at the heart of the SAF 60-second advertisement.

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb noted recently that their advertisements were aired more than 1,000 times last year, and were viewed by more than 85 million people, including those who saw the ad “multiple times.” The message is broadcast on several different cable networks.

While Fox News reported Biden’s remarks, other news outlets have overlooked his promise, instead focusing on other parts of the president’s 34-minute speech.

Biden has repeated the vow to ban “assault weapons” since the Feb. 13 attack at Michigan State University left three students dead and others wounded. The man believed responsible, Anthony McRae, was not a student or staffer at the university in Lansing, Mich. Authorities still haven’t publicized a motive, and McRae left the campus only to take his own life a couple of hours later. He used a handgun, not a rifle, in the attack.

That attack came almost five years to the day (Feb. 14, 2018) that 17 students and adults were murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

But Biden may be unable to fulfill his threat to ban semi-auto rifles for a couple of reasons:

  • Republicans now control the U.S. House of Representatives, and the caucus appears in no mood to entertain the president’s anti-gun agenda.
  • Federal courts in Maryland and California are currently in the throes of re-examining bans in those states under the new guidelines established by the Supreme Court last June in the Bruen ruling.

Biden has been a leading proponent of gun control since he arrived on Capitol Hill some 50 years ago. He claims credit for shepherding the Clinton ban through Congress in the mid-1990s, but never mentions that passage of that legislation—during Bill Clinton’s first term as president—cost Democrats the majority in both the House and Senate in the 1994 mid-term elections.

His promise to ban “high capacity magazines” is also in trouble, as state-level bans are being challenged in federal courts by SAF and other gun rights organizations.

According to the World Population Review report, “Estimates show that there are anywhere from over 200 million to more than 350 million guns in the U.S. Because of variances in regulations throughout the nation, it’s impossible to get exact numbers when it comes to the total number of guns in the nation and the number of guns in each state.”

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